Can I Ask About Your Credit?

Quick! Answer this question:

Which of the following are you most embarrassed to admit?

A.  age
B.  credit card debt
C.  weight
D.  bank balance
E.   credit score
F.   none

If you are like most Americans, your answer is B, your credit card debt. According to a recent poll by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 37% of Americans are most embarrassed to admit their credit card debt, followed strongly by their credit score at 30%. That is not surprising since an individual’s credit card debt and credit score are closely related.

Social tradition states that personal finance is a private matter and discussions about money are “common” and “vulgar.” Unfortunately, too many people choose to ignore money problems which can only compound financial difficulties. All people not named Walton, Gates, or Hearst, enjoy times of plenty and suffer through lean times, so there is no shame in admitting that you are struggling. Discussing a financial problem may be difficult, and you may be slightly embarrassed, but when times get too tough, you need to learn about the legal options available to protect yourself and your family.

So how many people in this survey answered “Age”? Only 1%. Perhaps it’s time to change that long-standing rule of etiquette from “never ask a lady her age” to “never ask about her credit.” Don’t let a little discomfort stop you from seeking confidential legal advice from a bankruptcy attorney. Call today and learn about how the federal law can relieve you of your financial burden and provide a fresh financial start.